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Bust Through Any Plateau With These Tips

There’s no question about it, one of the most frustrating times for any dieter out there is going to be hitting the plateau.

Things are going along great. You’re seeing good progress, you’re highly motivated, and you are committed to your success.

Then one day, things just stop.

No more progress.

No more motivation.

You may even feel like tossing in the towel entirely.

In this scenario, it’s common to try and figure out what could have gone wrong only to find yourself dumfounded. Things were going so great, so why did they change?

There are a number of reasons why you might find yourself in a plateau and taking the time to understand more clearly why they can occur can help you push past them so that you can carry on and see the results that you were looking for.

Let’s look at a few of the important points that you should know.

You Aren’t Tracking Your Calories

The very first reason why you may not be seeing the rate of fat loss that you’re looking for is simply because you aren’t tracking your calories.

A little bite here… a little bite there…you figure it’s no big deal.

But it is. All these little bites will add up over time and by day’s end, you could have easily taken in a good 200-300 calories more than you had planned on.

Depending upon the plan that you’re using, this could almost wipe out your entire calorie deficit meaning you are now maintaining your weight, rather than losing it.

Mindless eating is one of the biggest culprits of hitting a plateau, so tighten up the reins on yourself if this is the case at hand.

Your Workout Is The Same

The second reason you may find yourself in a plateau is because your workout is the same as it’s always been.

Remember that your body will adapt to any workout plan that you are doing, which is why it’s vital that you are constantly changing things around.

If you don’t, you’re simply going to maintain what you’ve got.

You don’t want to be maintaining however, you want to be improving. This means doing more than you’ve done before.

Doing more reps. More weight. Taking less rest. Adding more sets.

Just do something to create change.

If you can’t remember the last time you changed your workout in some way – it’s definitely time.

Small changes can produce big results, so give it a try next time you’re I the gym.

If you aren’t quite sure how to create the changes to your workout plan that you need to be doing, consider booking a session with a personal trainer. They can show you advanced techniques that will give you an edge up on the fat loss game.

You Haven’t Lowered Your Calorie Intake

The next reason why a weight loss plateau may occur is because the calorie intake that you used to lose weight at is now your true maintenance calorie intake.

Basically, now that you’ve lost 20 pounds or so, your body is burning up fewer calories each and every day, meaning your total calorie requirements are lower.

If you don’t adjust your diet calorie intake downwards to account for this, you won’t be losing any further weight.

It’s important to re-evaluate the calorie intake you’re using after every 20 pound – or even 10 pound – weight loss that you experience.

This will help ensure that you are always staying on the ball with it and using the right intake to produce results.

You Aren’t Weight Lifting

Another big problem that some people run into is that they aren’t weight lifting with their workout program. They focus on cardio, cardio, and more cardio.

For them, cardio burns calories so they think it’s the fastest route to success. Only here again, it’s not.

If you’re doing just cardio training, you’re really missing out on the big picture. Weight lifting is what will help you boost your metabolic rate so that you burn more calories hour per hour during the day.

And what is better? Burning calories for one hour or burning calories for 24 hours?

Clearly the latter and that is what weight lifting will offer you.

In addition to this, weight lifting is also the only form of exercise that is going to completely change the way your body looks, so that’s something else to be thinking about.

With cardio training, you’ll become a smaller version of your current self.

With weight training, you become a brand new you.

If you’re going for the ‘full transformation’ effect, it’s weight lifting that you want to be doing.

It’s Time For A Diet Break

Finally, the last reason why you may be stuck in a plateau and not seeing the results that you were hoping to obtain is because it’s simply time for you to take a diet break.

If you’ve been dieting for what feels like weeks on end using a lower calorie intake and are starting to feel hungry all the time, overly fatigued, and just generally unwell, this is a good sign that your metabolism has started to slow down significantly and your body is fighting any further fat loss.

Clearly, it’s also winning because you are in that plateau.

In this scenario, take a week off the diet and eat a higher calorie intake. When you resume back up again, you should notice that your fat loss moves along much faster than it was before and you feel a whole lot better as well.

So there you have some of the main reasons why weight loss plateaus can occur. It’s important that you evaluate your own program and approach so that you can figure out more closely why this could be happening to you and what you can now do about it.

If you approach it in a sensible manner and take action as needed, you can definitely move forward and bust through, going on to see the results that you were looking for.