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Smart Ways To Change Your Workout Program And See Faster Results

As you go about your workout program, one thing that you need to be constantly remembering is the importance of changing your workout around from time to time.

Far too many people go into the gym and do the exact same workout over and over and over again. While during the first few weeks, they may be seeing excellent results, as the workouts progress along, these results get slower and slower until they eventually come to a screeching halt.

If you’ve been doing your workout program for at least a few weeks now and are starting to feel more and more frustrated that you aren’t making the progress you thought you would, it’s time for a change.

But how do you create that change?

There are a wide number of ways that you can alter your workout program and see faster results.Let’s go over what some of these are so that you can start implementing them into your approach today.

Add More Weight

The first and most common way to change a workout around is to simply add more weight. This is one of the best methods as it’s clearly indicating that you are making strength progress and that is the end goal with most workout programs.

As you increase the weight on any exercise you do, keep in mind that this will often mean that you decrease the total reps that you perform.

It’s also a must that you maintain good form at all times as well, so keep that in mind. If the new weight causes you to lose good form, you are lifting too much weight.

Reduce Your Rest

The second way to alter your workout program and see faster results is to reduce your rest period. If you’re normally resting for 120 seconds between sets, knock this back to 60 seconds and see how you do.

The great thing about reducing your rest periods to create change is that you will get a stronger metabolic response from the workout session, so if one of your goals is fat loss, this is quite simply the best way to accomplish this.

Here again though, just be sure that you are maintaining a good level of weight on the bar as you do this. You don’t to use such a short rest period that you can’t sustain your heavy lifting and good form.

Superset Exercises

Supersetting exercise is yet another way to boost your metabolism and see faster results. By pairing to exercises back to back like that, you will get more of a post-workout calorie burn because you are forcing your body to do more work in less time.

Furthermore, supersetting is also a great way to bring about a higher fatigue state in the muscles, so can help to enhance lower body endurance.

There are plenty of different ways in which you can do a superset. You can superset an upper and lower body movement together, two movements for the same muscle group together, or two movements for opposing muscle groups.

Each will produce a positive benefit in the body.

Change Your Workout Split

If you feel like you need a much larger scale change in your workout program, you can change around your split entirely as well.

Rather than doing a full body workout program, try and upper/lower split instead. Of, if you’re doing an upper/lower split, you may want to try a push/pull/lower.

There are so many different ways that you can alter your workout program that you should never find yourself bored.

Keep in mind that your workout split does largely reflect your recovery ability and your workout goals, so just make sure whatever you choose to use is going to reflect those well.

Drop Set

A drop set is another great advanced technique to start using in your workout as you move along.

With a drop set, you’re going to perform one set as you normally would and then immediately after that drop the weight by five pounds.

Once that’s completed, you’ll perform one more set, drop the weight once more, and try for a third.

This principle is going to bring about a very high level of fatigue in that muscle group, so just be sure you have no further exercises planned for it.

Chances are you will be too tired to continue on beyond that point.

It’s also going to be imperative when doing a drop set that you aren’t losing good form as well, as this is quite common when fatigue starts rising.

Use The Pre-Fatigue Principle

Using the pre-fatigue principle is a great way to change your workout around if you’re finding that you’re stuck in a strength plateau and can’t quite get out.

With the pre-fatigue principle, you’re going to perform an exercise for one of the smaller muscle groups in the body, causing it to reach a state of fatigue before doing a compound exercise.

This way, it’s less able to assist during that compound exercise and all the force will be on the main muscle group that you’re trying to target.

The end result is that that muscle group will get stronger so when you go back to doing straight sets with the compound lift (and the assister muscle isn’t fatigued), you’ll be stronger.

Alter Your Positioning

Finally, last but not least, consider simply altering your position. This can be a fast and effective way to create change that won’t take much effort on your part.

For example, rather than doing a standard bench press, try a close grip or reverse grip bench press. Rather than doing a regular squat, try a sumo squat.

These little changes will influence how the stress is being placed on the muscle and often this is enough to evoke a greater progress stimulus.

So there you have some of the top ways to alter your workout and prevent a fitness plateau. Make sure you are doing something to change your workout around every couple of sessions to not only reduce boredom, but increase the results that you see.