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Find the right tennis shoe for you.

Tennis Shoe Breakdown: The Right Shoes For Your Work Out

Everyone knows how important it is to have the right pair of shoes. For ladies, it’s often finding a comfortable pair that can be worn all night and will go with multiple outfits. For men, it’s about finding shoes that they can wear from casual situations to dressy events without getting a judgmental stare down. Fitness is no exception. The shoes you choose are imperative to your work out. Let’s break down the essence of each tennis shoe…


Running is most often moving forward in one direction, so running shoes are designed to do just that. These are not the shoes you want to wear in a pick-up basketball game or another work out that could require more support.


These shoes are purchased by those who typically enjoy outdoor work outs; hiking, walking or running on trails that require a shoe with some traction.


This will be the most cost-effective tennis shoe you can purchase. These are designed for those with work out routines that change direction, involve different sports, and other various exercises. DISCLAIMER: Cross trainers do not have the right support for running though, so make sure to purchase a running tennis shoe if that is your main work out.

Hopefully now you feel more informed and can make the right tennis shoe work for you and your workout!