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The Top Supplements To Consider To Build Your Leanest Body Yet

Looking to get ripped in a hurry? Or maybe you just want to lose ten pounds and start feeling better about yourself.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain and that is that you are looking for the fastest and most effective manner to be burning up body fat.

You have your diet in check and your workout ready to roll, so now all that’s left is figuring out your supplementation.

Unfortunately many people put far too much emphasis on supplementation and end up falling for a number of hyped up products out there that are not going to produce the lasting results they’re after. In fact, some may just put them in harm’s way.

Clever marketing professionals know precisely what to say to peek your interest and get you wanting to try their product.

But, unless you have a very firm idea of which supplements work and which will just lead you astray, you may find yourself regretting your purchasing decisions.

Let’s walk you through the top supplements that can help you lose body fat so you know where to spend your hard earned dollars.


The first supplement that you will want to consider is caffeine. Simple as it may sound, this one will work.

The reason caffeine is beneficial for fat loss is first because of the fact that it does have appetite suppressing properties. If you’re on an intense diet plan, hunger is likely something that you are dealing with at one point or another. Caffeine can help you side step that.

Second, caffeine is also going to help to increase the rate of fat burning enzymes burning up body fat. This further augments the process of fat loss, increasing your results.

And finally, it gives you a much needed energy boost. If you’ve been dieting for a few weeks, you already realize that it can have quite the drain on your energy levels.

A hit of caffeine can give you the pick me up you need and keep you as active as you ideally should be.

Whey Protein Powder

The second of the supplements that you’ll want to consider is a quality whey protein powder. Whey protein powder is going to help you meet your protein requirements, which will be elevated when doing a fat loss diet plan, and help make sure that you keep your metabolism strong and your muscle mass tissue intact.

Most people simply don’t have time to be grilling up chicken breasts six times per day so for those snacks between main meals, a protein powder comes I very helpful.

Just be sure that you are choosing one that contains minimal grams of both fat and carbs to keep the overall calorie level down.

Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide is another supplement to consider. Now, this one isn’t a traditional ‘fat loss’ product – in fact, more people often use it for muscle building.

But it can help the fat loss crowd as well.

First, nitric oxide is going to increase the energy levels you have during the workout and help to reduce fatigue. Fatigue is going to be higher when in calorie deficit, so this is important to pay attention to.

Second, nitric oxide can also help to speed up the recovery process because with more blood flowing to and from the muscle cells, this means they will receive more oxygen and nutrients, both of which are required for tissue repair and rebuilding.


Speaking of repair and rebuilding, that brings us to the next supplement that you will want to be taking into account, glutamine.

Glutamine is a particular amino acid that is going to play a key role in the immune system. When you are currently dieting your immune system is already going to be in a slightly stressed out state and then if you add intense workouts on top of that, you could be really asking for some trouble.

Glutamine will help you recover faster after each workout session that you do, ensuring that you can enter the gym again feeling your best each and every day.

While this supplement doesn’t necessarily sound all that ‘sexy’ per say, it can make a big difference on how you feel on your diet plan on a day to day basis and this can then influence the degree in which you stick with it.

Remember, sticking with your diet is by far the most important determinant of seeing success.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is the next product that you’ll want to make sure that you have in place. Since your dietary fat intake will likely come down when on a fat loss diet, you want to make sure that you aren’t falling deficient in essential fatty acids.

Adding 3-6 grams of fish oil per day will give you the peace of mind of knowing that you are definitely getting enough and this important form of fat will help to boost insulin sensitivity, helping you get and stay leaner.

It also has a number of other positive benefits for the body as far as disease prevention and overall well-being go, so again, one product you want to be sure you are taking in.

Green Tea Extract

Finally, the last of the products to consider as you start up on your fat loss program is green tea extract. Some people will simply choose to drink green tea and that’s fine as well, but if you prefer not to then the extract can also help.

Using this extract is going to help you boost your metabolic rate higher, enabling you to burn fat faster than you otherwise would.

It also has disease reducing properties as well, so is a smart choice for those looking to ensure optimal health.

So keep these supplements in mind as you go about your fat loss diet plan. Adding them in could give you that extra edge that you’re looking for to take your results one step further.