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Six Pack Success Tips You Must Know

Looking to get six pack abs? If so, you aren’t alone. One of the hottest goals of anyone who’s going to the gym is to get that firm, flat stomach look that they can feel proud of.

Yet, very few people actually ever achieve the success they’re looking for with this goal. So why is it that some people seem to get six pack abs more easily than others?

Apart from the few who are just genetically blessed (and how we love to hate them!), these individuals know a few of the key tips that must be remember at all times. Because they are structuring their approach slightly differently, they can see faster overall progress.

Let’s go over what these people know so that you too can be a part of the insider’s circle.

Diet, Diet, Diet

The very first thing that you absolutely must know if you want to get six pack ab success is that it’s going to be about diet, diet, diet.

Now, most people absolutely hate hearing this as let’s face the facts, dieting can be a real challenge, but if you want to get results, you need to come to terms with this.

The faster that you can accept that you are going to have to give up some of those favorite comfort foods you love so much, the faster you will get on to seeing the results you’re going for.

Diet is going to be key as this is what will accelerate the fat burning process in the body, ensuring that you are creating the calorie deficit you need to be.

Your diet in order to get six pack abs should be highly focused around lean proteins, plenty of fresh vegetables, a moderate amount of healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates timed right before and after your session.

If you can structure your diet like this day in and day out, you will be on track to seeing faster results.

Stop With The Ab Exercises

Moving along, the next thing that you need to do is ditch the ab crunches already. If you’ve spent countless hours of your life already doing crunch after crunch after crunch, you must stop and ask yourself, where is this really getting you?

If crunches worked to get six pack abs, you should have a full-on ripped 8 pack by now.

They clearly don’t, so don’t waste any more time on them.

Remember that you cannot spot reduce body fat. You will lose body fat from all areas of your body, so instead of focusing on crunches, which burn so few calories per minute, concentrate on exercises that have a higher calorie burn to enhance overall fat loss.

Lift Heavier Weights

Speaking of exercises, when doing your weight training workouts, make absolutely sure that you are lifting heavier weights. This is where so many people go wrong.

They think ‘fat loss’ and immediately lighten their load and start pumping out rep after rep after rep.

A set of 20+ reps is not going to be challenging your body in the same manner a set of 8 reps at a heavy weight will.

Heavier weights are going to stimulate a much better metabolic response, which means you will continue to burn calories at a faster speed for the 48 hours following the session.

Light weight training may cause you to burn up lean muscle mass when dieting if you aren’t careful, so it’s really not the best way to go.

Don’t Take Sleep Lightly

The next must-do for success is to make sure that you are taking your sleep needs very seriously. If you aren’t sleeping enough while trying to lose body fat, you’re going to have a higher release of cortisol in the body, which can mean you add more abdominal belly fat.

In addition to this, you will find yourself far hungrier throughout the day, which can make sticking with your diet feel next to impossible.

Plus, not only will your hunger be higher on days you aren’t sleeping enough, but your resolve to eat well will be lower as well.

You’ll feel tired, fed up, and like you just don’t have it in you to say no to that cookie yet again. If this causes you to eat foods you shouldn’t be, that will most definitely impact the progress you are making.

Remove As Much Stress As Possible

Another lifestyle factor that can influence whether or not you are going to be seeing six pack abs any time in the near future is your stress level.

When you are highly stressed, your body is also going to be releasing more cortisol than normal and this will cause lean muscle mass tissue breakdown as well as cause you to store more fat in the central region as well.

Plus, if you stress-eat, then you know very well that is not going to be doing you any favors.

Stress can really zap your progress when working towards being able to see six pack abs, so you must do what you can to control it.

Practice smart stress management techniques and you will be noticing a difference.

Go For Dairy

Finally, last but not least, as a bonus tip, make sure that you include a few servings of dairy each day. As long as you don’t suffer from lactose intolerance, dairy rich foods chosen correctly can speed up fat loss from the abdominal region.

Note that you cannot get the same effects from eating other protein foods and taking a calcium supplement. Dairy seems to provide a slight added advantage here.

Opt for low-fat Greek yogurt, skim milk, or low fat cottage cheese.

So there you have the top tips to remember in your quest to get six pack abs once and for all. It can be a hard process to obtain this goal as it does take getting down to a low body fat level, but if you stay committed and use these tips, you should be able to see great success.

Seven Fast Methods To Boost Your Metabolism

One of the absolute best ways to approach any fat loss goals that you may currently have set is to focus on boosting your metabolism up higher.

Far too many people strictly focus on what they can do to lower their calorie intake or up their physical activity level in the quest to create that calorie deficit require for fat loss to occur.

But as they do so, sticking with the program itself becomes that much harder. If you’re only eating 1100 calories per day and spending an hour in the gym six days a week doing cardio training, you have to ask yourself how long you’re really going to be able to stick with it.

Instead, a better approach is to focus on increasing your metabolic rate so that you naturally burn up more calories 24/7.

Let’s look at some of the fastest tips that you should be using that will enhance your calorie burning potential.

Eat More Protein

The easiest and one of the best ways to boost your metabolic rate is to simply eat more protein. Protein rich foods take a high amount of energy to digest and break down, so by eating more of them on a day to day basis, you can elevate your metabolic rate.

For every 100 calories of protein that you consume, you will burn up to 25 calories simply through the digestion process.

So essentially, you’re getting a 25% boost to your metabolism each and every time you eat protein rich foods.

Protein rich foods also offer additional benefits such as calming hunger pains and keeping blood sugar levels stabilized, while persevering your lean muscle mass.

Sip Green Tea

Green tea is the next thing to consider if you want to boost your metabolic rate up higher. Green tea not only provides excellent antioxidant benefits, but it can also increase your metabolic rate significantly if you drink two or more cups daily for a period of time.

Green tea will also help to calm hunger pains as the hot liquid tends to soothe these feelings, so this is an excellent drink to have in your fat loss diet plan.

Green tea is available in a number of different fruit flavors right now, so there’s no reason you can’t find one that you enjoy.

Use Cayenne Pepper

Moving along, getting some cayenne pepper into your diet whenever you can is the next step to boosting your metabolic rate.

Cayenne pepper, along with chili peppers, have a specific compound named capsaicin, which will elevate the metabolic rate for a few hours after you consume it.

This adds a great deal of spice to your meals as well and most people will consume less food overall when the meal is spicier.

This particular compound is in many of the fat burning products out on the market available, so by using the spice, you can get the same results at a fraction of the cost.

Shorten Your Rest Periods

On the workout side of things, if you want to significantly boost your metabolic rate, you’ll want to focus on using as short of rest periods between your sets as possible.

As such though, make sure that this doesn’t cause you to decrease the total amount of weight that you’re lifting. While short rest periods are beneficial, they only are if you are sustaining the total weight lifted that you normally use.

Keep your rest periods to around 30-45 seconds between sets and keep the weight heavy. This will create the best overall metabolic workout session.

And, if you’re more advanced, consider adding in a few drop sets or supersets as this can take your metabolism one step up as well.

Do Interval Sprints

On the cardio side of things, a perfect way to boost your metabolism quickly is to perform interval training.

Interval training is great because not only is it shorter in terms of the time commitment you have to devote to doing, but the intense nature of the session will mean that you burn calories faster for up to 48 hours after the workout is completed.

Therefore, you can be burning fat while you sleep with this form of cardio session.

Interval sprints is also less likely to cause lean muscle mass loss compared to steady state cardio training (especially running), so that’s an added benefit that cannot be overlooked.

Sleep More

For those of you who are sacrificing on sleep regularly throughout the week because you are just too busy on a daily basis, you may want to rethink this strategy.

Not sleeping enough can have a negative influence on your metabolic rate and cause you to burn fewer calories than you otherwise would.

Furthermore, if you aren’t sleeping enough at night, you will experience more hunger throughout the day, so not only are you more likely to eat more, but you’ll have a slower metabolism to boot.

Always aim for at least eight hours of sleep – preferably nine when seeking fat loss.

Use Caffeine

Finally, the last quick tip to remember if you want to boost your metabolic rate as high as possible is to consider taking a moderate dose of caffeine on a regular basis.

Caffeine is going to help to improve your total metabolic rate due to eh central nervous system stimulation it has and will also help to boost your energy level as well, which could mean you’re more active throughout the day.

Obviously you do need to consider how well your body tolerates caffeine and if you aren’t left feeling well, this won’t be an option for you, but if you do feel fine using 200 mg or so a day, it’s can make a positive addition to your fat loss results.

So there you have seven top methods to increase your metabolic rate so that the process of fat loss moves along more easily. Make sure that you aren’t overlooking any of these. They aren’t going to require all that many changes on your part, but do offer a high payoff.